The adventure begins!

19 02 2008

Brett and I just got back from skiing in Bromont, and now I have the rest of my February break to rest, relax, rejuvenate, and cook!  I’m ready to take full advantage of my days off and get started on my quest to try new recipes and write about them in my new blog. I found some recipes in various magazines and cookbooks, and I can’t wait to get started. The problem is deciding which recipe to make first!  Since it’s sitting in front of me right now, I guess my first new recipe will be Meyer lemon gnocchi from the March 2008 issue of Food & Wine.  I love gnocchi, the picture looks delicious, and the recipe doesn’t sound too difficult, so here goes!




One response

28 02 2008

You have really impressed me with your cooking and techno knowledge. I have to try the lemon ricotta gnocchi. They look so yummy! My mom used to make these and we called them “bugs”. We would help her for hours rolling the little pieces of pasta around our thumb. We have to get together and cook soon!

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