Goodbye, old kitchen!

17 05 2008

We are exhausted these days.  EXHAUSTED.  And it’s all because we bought a house and decided that we wanted to do work in the house before moving into it, and then that “work” turned into gutting the kitchen while simultaneously removing wallpaper (a horrendously tedious, annoying task), ripping up carpet, refinishing hardwood floors, painting, and completely digging out the entire yard to make way for new landscaping. 

And this is all very exciting, but I’m tired, and I’ve been too tired to cook all week because I get to work at 7am and then leave around 4pm, squeeze in a quick workout, and then head to the house to dig into whatever needs to be done that day, only to return home at 10pm and crawl into bed.  And then the vicious cycle continues!  But this won’t last much longer, right??

Anyway, some visuals…

Here’s what the kitchen looked like when we closed on the house:

And the other side:

And we decided that the kitchen was too outdated and too small for our taste, so my wonderful husband and father-in-law got to work and started the kitchen demolition.  Do you see that wall that separates the kitchen and the dining room?  It’s already gone!  Do you see the dated parquet floor?  That’s gone, too. 

So… I probably won’t be cooking much lately and instead will post about the kitchen transformation, because that’s cooking related, too, right?  More soon!




One response

3 07 2008

How exciting! The transformation once complete will definitely be worth the wait 🙂

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