Christmas in July!

7 07 2008

Happy post 4th of July weekend!  We had a great weekend at my family’s huge annual party –  lots of swimming, volleyball, good food, great family and friends, and, of course, fireworks!  

After the fun overload, we headed back home to prime and paint the kitchen.  It’s hard to see the color in the pictures, but it’s called “Light French Gray,” and it’s a light bluish gray color.  For now we just did one quick coat, and we didn’t worry about getting close to the ceiling, because the cabinets will go all the way up to the ceiling with crown molding.  The second coat of paint will come after the cabinets are installed.

We needed to hurry up with the paint job, because the cabinets were delivered today.  Woo!  It feels like Christmas in July.  Check it out:

The contractor is coming tomorrow or Wednesday to start the installation.  I’m beyond excited, as you can imagine.  After the cabinets are installed, we’ll paint again – a second coat for the walls and the dreaded trim work.  We’re also going to paint the built-in cabinet white and change the hardware on it to match the cabinets.

We’re a little tired after doing so many home improvements, but Mia might be the most tuckered out.  Poor puppy… napping on the air conditioning vent is exhausting!

Stay tuned for another update in a few days!


Walls in the kitchen

3 07 2008

I haven’t been updating the blog with changes in the kitchen, because it has been a slow process.  Maybe I was in denial or just plain naive (probably the latter), but I didn’t think kitchen renovations took this long.  Updates have been slow, but I’m happy to report that the plumbing and electric work are done, the dry wall is finished, and the next step is to install the cabinets.

Do you want to see how we’ve been living since we moved in?  Actually, let me correct myself.  The kitchen is currently an improvement to what it had been for weeks, because now we actually have walls and can get a feel for the space.

Check out those walls!  The window is new and is larger than what was there previously.

I know it’s hard to see, but this picture sort of shows you the opened space now that the wall is gone. 

Don’t worry!  We still have that built-in.  This picture shows you the room from the other side.

For reasons too complicated for me to discuss (translation: I’m too lazy to type it all), the contractor had to drop the ceiling a bit in the previous existing kitchen area.  That means that the ceiling isn’t the same in the former dining room, but Contractor Don has a remedy for that.  See the dropped-just-a-bit ceiling?

We’ll add some crown molding to that dropped area (or whatever the heck it’s called) to match the crown molding in the previous dining room.  I think it’s going to look great. 

And finally, a little note about dust.  When you drywall and sand, dust is everywhere.  And when you have a new puppy, she gets in the dust and drags it throughout the house.  Want proof?



Puppy = super cute

Dust = not cute

Note to self: Do not renovate and bring home a puppy at the same time.

Stay tuned for updates!