Back from the dead…

11 01 2009

It has been a solid six months since my last post, and I honestly thought that I would just abandon this site.  I’m still not sure if I want to keep it going or maybe start a non-cooking specific blog about our lives, but I figured I should at least update the site with pictures of our new (now broken-in) kitchen.  

So here goes… Here are some pictures that I took of the kitchen over the summer.  The only real difference is that we have the cover for the hood in place now, and there are a few things on the counter – coffee maker, toaster, knife block, etc.  We still need to install the light above the sink and dining room table, but that’s not pictured below.  Take a look…

So there you have it.  Our updated kitchen, complete with a wall removed, new floors, new appliances, new cabinets… you get the idea.  And I have actually been doing a lot of cooking and baking, but I’ve been too lazy to get my butt moving and post about all the great recipes I’ve tried yesterday.  Who knows, maybe 2009 will bring new inspiration.

Happy New Year!




3 responses

12 01 2009

Your kitchen looks GREAT!

19 03 2009

NICE! I love the floor!!

1 11 2009

your kitchen looks FAB ! it looks so much bigger now and more open and homely.

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